The Best Gas Grills 2021 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

The best gas grills 2021 are those which provide value for money, as well as above-average heat retention. There are a lot of ways to barbecue. You can use smokers, pellet grills and gas grills. All three have the same purpose but are made for different people.

If you love the old ways, then a grill is best suitable for you. I am a fan of using charcoal, so I like grills more than a smoker. I recommend a grill to anyone who wants the smokiest taste possible. So, if you’re a lover of big gatherings, just go for it! Also, see the guide for Best Gas Grills 2021 on eBay

Best Gas Grills

There are many gas grills in the market, I have researched and made a list of the best gas grills 2021 out there. I have included the specific features which make the grill stand out.

In this review, you will find all the features present in the specific grill I have listed down. You can purchase any grill you like after my review has explained every element of these best gas grills 2021.

1Weber Genesis II E-335Easy Cooking
Large Space

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2Weber Original Premium 22Digital Controls
Glass door

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3Cuisinart CGG-7400Six Racks
Easy Clean Up

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4Weber Spirit II E-310 2 Years Warranty

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5Char-Griller's Grillin' Pro 3001 Excellent Design
Budget Friendly

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6Char-Broil Signature Series Tru-InfraredMeat thermometer
Removable Tray

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7Coleman RoadTrip 285 Highly Durable
Compact Shape

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8Royal Gourmet SG6002Heat Control
Very Reasonable

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Best Gas GrillsStainless steel lid

The grill in this model has been made using stainless steel. I found the build strong and sturdy. Stainless steel is the best option to use in grills if you ask me. It prevents rusting, discolouration and the most important of all, it is easy to clean. In terms of heat retention, I found the insulation perfectly fine. Contrary to the widespread claims of mediocre retention, stainless steel does its job quite well, in my opinion.

Stainless steel cooking grates

The grates coming in this one of the best gas grills are also made up of stainless steel. Although cast iron goes up to higher temperatures, it adds to the difficulty of controlling temperature. With stainless steel, your grates won’t get unnecessarily hot, making heat regulation easier. Also, these grates are extremely easy to clean. Wipe them with a damp cloth, and you are good to go. The total area you have is 669 sq. inch.

Warming Rack

Thankfully, this gas grill does have a warming rack. Warming racks are fun to use. If you have some sauces you need to warm; the warming rack does it for you. If you want to keep food hot, place it on the warming rack. In terms of maintaining utensils on it, I put some plates, spoons on it which made it come convenient.

Hooks for hanging

The grill has hooks embedded in for hanging. If you have some spatulas or another utensil, you frequently use, hang it on these hooks to save time running back to the kitchen and forth.

App connected thermometer

Although it is sold separately, I loved this feature. Connect the Igrill3 app with your phones Bluetooth, and you have the option to monitor and control this grill with your phone.

Huge warranty period

Surprisingly, the company has given a gigantic warranty period with this best gas grill. There is a whopping ten-year-long warranty, so you can use this gas grill without fearing it will malfunction.


  Huge warranty.
  Connectable with mobiles.
  Hooks for hanging.
  Warming rack.


Thermometer not very accurate.

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Best Gas GrillsLightweight

I am impressed by the lightweight build of this Best gas grill. It weighs around 32 pounds, which makes it extremely movable. I moved this around my lawn with no problem or difficulty at all.

One-touch cleaning system

There is a one-touch ash cleaning system which makes discarding ash straightforward. A button is located on this grill, press it and grab the ash pan. After disposing off the ash, reinstate the ash pan and you are done. A system like this saves time and is simple and effective to use.

Hooks for hanging

You also have hooks located on this grill to keep things handy. Whether you hang some spoons, or something else, it’s up to you. The clips have a robust built and are an added feature to this best gas grill.

Heat resistant Handle

All best gas grills have some kind of handles on their grill, but all of them are not safe to touch while grilling. Luckily, you get a heat resistant one on this particular grill. Open and close the lid; however, many times you like; your hands won’t get burnt at all.

Porcelain-enamelled lid bowl

Heat retention is a significant factor when searching for the best gas grill. Due to the porcelain coating on the lidded bowl, heat retention is excellent on this grill. Also, rusting and peeling, which is a common issue in grills, won’t occur due to this material.


  Hooks for hanging.
  Light in weight.
  Heat resistant lid handle.
  One-touch ash catcher.


Thermometer not accurate.

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Best Gas GrillsFour separate burners

This grill provides an excellent heat supply due to the powerful burners built in it. Each burner has an 11,000 BTU, totalling up to 44,000 of heat supply. This means you can also create different heat zones on this grill. You can also operate a single burner at a time.

Stainless steel construction

The build is entirely stainless steel. This feature makes this grill rust-resistant. Another vital factor in this build is the ease of cleaning. Stainless steel has a flawless look; it can be cleaned with a simple cloth. There is no need to use various scrubbing materials for cleaning it.

Two side prep tables

I get annoyed when a grill I’m using doesn’t have enough space to put my essentials on. The two useful side tables have a decent amount of space to set plates, spices and other necessities on. Also, these tables are foldable, so you can close them if you are putting this grill in a car.

Warming rack

A warming rack on this one of the best gas grill is excellent. If you ask me, I use it to keep my food warm if I am not finished cooking. I also warm my barbecue sauces on this, so when I am free, I can eat my food fresh and warm.

Cast Iron Grates and Thermometer

Cast iron heats up to intense temperatures when compared with stainless steel. If you love intense grilling, these grates will serve you best. In terms of cleaning, you will have to spend some time on these. They require hard scrubbing most of the times

A thermometer is also present in this gas grill. It gives you the ease of monitoring the temperature while your meat cooks away.


  Four separate burners.
  Side prep tables.
  Drip tray.
  Warming rack.
  Stainless steel build.


Thermometer not accurate.

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Best Gas Grills 2021Cast Iron Grates

The material used for the grates is porcelain enamelled cast iron. Cast iron is fantastic at maintaining a high level of heat. The porcelain coating makes them much more durable than any other material. You can cook at almost any temperature you want with this grill.

Open Cart Design

The design on this resembles that of an open cart. Such a configuration makes the grill more accessible and spacious.  You have ample space at the bottom to store things, such as plates, sauce pots and grilling essentials. I prefer this kind of design over any other, as I can reach out and grab whatever I want whenever I am grilling using the space.

Foldable side tables

There is a table on each side of this best gas grill. I don’t have to put a separate table beside the grill to put essential items on. Another feature of these tables is being foldable. When not using the grill, I fold these and store it away, this way the grill consumes little space.

Weber Igrill 3 thermometer

Sold separately, you have the option to have an included thermometer with this grill. This thermometer can connect with the Weber app through Bluetooth on your phone. You can monitor the temperature this way without manually peeking at the thermometer every time you need to see it.

Gigantic warranty duration

A whopping 10 -year extended warranty is provided with this gas grill. You have comprehensive peace of mind if buying this grill.


  Cast Iron cooking grates.
  Open cart design.
  Foldable side tables.
  10-year warranty.
  Bluetooth app.


Thermometer not accurate.

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Best Gas Grills 2021Thermometer

A thermometer comes built-in in this gas grill. Although it isn’t correct, it provides a rough idea of the temperature. You reduce the risk of burning the meat using this gas grill.

Side shelf

Many smokers come with two side shelves, but in this one, you only have a single rack. It still will give some space to put some necessary stuff on it, but it won’t be much. This side shelf cannot be folded.

Cast Iron Grates

The temperature on this grill can go higher than 500F. The cast-iron grates play a significant role in this. In terms of durability, the grates are healthy and well built. After grilling, take a scrubber and clean this. Cleaning will take effort and time, but these grates are well made if you ask me. Porcelain coating is present on them.

Electric start-up system

You don’t have to fire up the grill manually. The electric system ignites automatically. If you are a beginner in the grilling world, this feature will come very handy when using a grill for the first time.

Warming rack

The warming rack on this gas grill comes useful. If you are making burgers, warming buns is not an effort. Without this rack, you will have to warm sauces, buns on the oven, wasting your time to some extent. The warming rack has an area of 192 sq. inches, while the total size of this grill measures to 630 sq. inches.


  Side Shelf.
  Electric Startup.
  Cast iron grates.


Thermometer not accurate.

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Char-Broil Signature Series Tru-InfraredTemperature Gauge

The lid sports a temperature gauge. I found it to be inaccurate. It does not give the exact reading, but it still serves its purpose in a way. Glance at the lid, and you will get an idea of the temperature.

Surefire Ignition System

An automatic ignition system called “surefire” is included in this grill. Those days are gone when you had to light up your grill manually, and sometimes failing to do so. The grill lights up with the press of a button, in case you are inexperienced, you will like this feature a lot.

Four burners

Four stainless steel burners have been built into this best gas grill. You can control each of them individually, which allows dual heat zones. Performance and temperature control has never been more effortless. A side burner is also present, having 13,000 BTU.

Warming rack

A 200 sq. inch warming racks provide the ease to warm eatables. Whether it is buns, a plate filled with delicious meat, or a side dish, keep it warm and fresh on using this rack.

If you are concerned about the total cooking area, it measures to 525 sq. inches. If you have a small family, this grill will serve you well.


  Warming rack.
  Side burner.
  Four burners in total.
  Temperature gauge.
  Electric ignition system.


Thermometer Gauge not accurate.

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Coleman RoadTrip 285 Portable Stand-UpFoldable legs

In my opinion, Coleman RoadTrip 285 is the best portable gas grill in the market currently. Foldable legs give you the ability to reduce the size of this to a large extent. This grill is petite in size, so use it on camping trips however you want. The lightweight build also adds to its portability.

Three adjustable burners

There are three adjustable burners included in this grill, measuring up to a total of 20,000 BTU. For a small family, three burners are more than enough. You control these with knobs present on this grills front. The cooking area measures to 285 sq. inches. Create up to three temperature zones in this Best gas grill.

Side shelves

To aid the available space, side shelves are embedded into the grill. This is great for keeping things utensils and crockery on. These can be folded and unfolded too.


  Foldable Legs.
  Side shelves.
  Compact and portable.
  Three burners.


Thermometer not accurate.

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Royal Gourmet SG60025 Burners

The five burners given in this gas grill are mighty. Each burner has a 10,000 BTU, totalling up to a vast 62,000 BTU. A sear burner has a 12,000 BTU. With this burner, you can cook your food to too intense temperatures to embed sear marks on the meat.

Porcelain Coated Cooking Grates

The grates on this gas are coated with porcelain. This coating increases its durability and longevity. Grates coming without a layer like this are prone to crack and rust. When cleaning them, you also do not have to spend much time.

Cabinet Space

On the lower side, you have a stainless steel cabinet. I loved how the cabinet is enclosed, keeping my stuff secured and dust-free. I personally store a few bowls, plates and utensils like these so I can take them out whenever grilling.

Metal side shelves

The side shelves are built from metal. I prefer stainless steel, as metal rusts quickly, ruining the whole look of the grill. Still, they do provide useful functionality, as you have things handy when you need them.

Stainless steel double layered lid

The lid has a double layer of stainless steel. Smoke does not leak around it. Talking about heat retention, I find the insulation up to par, with no issues and whatsoever.

Thermometer and Electric ignition

A built-in thermometer allows one to keep an eye on the heat. You do not want to risk spoiling your meat without a thermometer, believe me!

Electric Ignition seems very useful to me. I don’t have to use a matchstick or a lighter to fire this grill up. The danger of burning yourself is significantly reduced with such a system.


  Five burners.
  Side shelves.
  The lid has good insulation.
  Large cooking area.


Thermometer not accurate.
Shelves are made from metal.

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  • Capacity: When out shopping for a smoker, make sure to the size which suits your needs. If you plan to use the grill on public events, then get a one bigger in size. On the other side, if you want it for your small family, choose a compact and straightforward one, so you can assemble it and store it away after grilling. Also, a portable one is excellent for this, so you can keep it in a trunk and carry it with you while camping or on holidays.
  • Temperature Range: When searching for a good grill, be sure to go through the incuded book so you don’t end up buying a grill that doesn’t go up to intense tempertatures.  On the other hnad, if you live in a locality that gets sun around the year, any grill will work well. For cooler climates,  for grills that have cast iron grates and support high temperatures. Grills that go up to 500F will work best for these areas.
  • Warranty: No one wants a smoker coming without a good warranty. Some companies start with one year of this, while others give up to gigantic ten years of warranty even. I recommend going after Best Gas Grills that have a minimum of 3 years warranty. You do not want to end up with a problematic grill which cannot be exchanged.
  • Affordability: One cannot expect to get a perfect grill for a cheap price. If you want something premium, be ready to pay a larger sum for it. For grills that are way too cheap, they usually start rusting and creating issues after a week or two of using them. Keep a minimum $120 budget in your mind if you want a decent grill.
  • Features: Technology has not even left smokers alone in this advanced world. Controlling the temperature manually is becoming obsolete day by day. Best Gas Grills now have digital controlling systems that maintain a specific temperature without your need. Insulation is another big factor you should not ignore. Get a triple walled insulated build if you are a die hard fan of grilling.

After reading this review, I am positive that you now have a clear idea of which Best Gas Grills you should go for. The market is booming with various grills, but all of them cannot be trusted. Therefore, I have written down this detailed guide, so you choose the best gas grill possible. I have listed down every feature of each grill in this review.

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