Perfectly Grilled Steak

BBQ is a good idea to make your weekends worthful. Whether summer or winter, there is no comparison of the joy of BBQ with your friends and family with any other outings. Some tips are given below that will help you in Perfectly Grilled Steak .

So, Are you planning to do a barbeque in your backyard?

Well, it’s a good idea of having a dual fun of lovely weather with a tasty meal. Grilling is not hard but, if you don’t get a good, juicy taste in your grilled or smoking meat then there is a total wastage of your full-day efforts when you are not getting what you are wanting.

Perfectly Grilled Steak

So, do you want your meal to taste as you have in the expensive restaurants?

Not a difficult task but just a few things you should be taken care of for having a Perfectly Grilled Steak.  Here are some tips are given below that will help you in Perfectly Grilled Steak and having fun of tasty, juicy meal with your lovely companions.

  1. Pickup of the right meat:

The primary and the most important step is the selection of the right meat that can provide perfect taste to the tongue.  Try to go to the butcher the day before the BBQ Party and choose the meat you think tastes better. The more high-quality meat you select for grilling the more good you will get in taste.

  1. Cuts of meat:

As there are a variety of cuts of meat and selection is now depending on you. So, what are you going to choose for your BBQ grilling?

  • Ribeye: Ribeye is considered to the most tasteful cut as all the marbling on it puts this cut of meat on the greasy side.
  • Filet: Although it is a quality cut of meat it doesn’t have the flavors.
  • T bone: The bone in this cut of meat gives a fantastic, juicy flavor after BBQ Grilling.
  • Porterhouse: It is about 1.25” thick cut of meat than T-bone.
  • NY Strip: The cut that has much better tender as compared to Ribeye and much better flavor as compared to the Filet cut.


  1. Avoid too Early Salting:

Too early salting is not taken as a positive impact on the flavor of the meat as salt can capture moisture soon and can throw bad taste to the meat.  Most of the preferable time is to salt your meat 20 to 30 minutes before start cooking. As between such minutes, it will gather with the other toppings of pepper, oil, and butter and give a combined juicy, flavorful taste for sure.

  1. Let the meat attain the room temperature:

Most of the people take out the meat from the fridge and start to cook. One of the reasons behind improperly cooked meat can be this as this doing will let the meat cooked from outside properly rather from inside. So, take out the meat before at least 30 minutes of the start-up of barbeque and after finishing, your meat will surely look great from the outside and juicy, tasteful from inside.

  1. Cook in a clean grill:

Behind the bad taste of meat, there can be an improper cleaning of the grill. Clean your grill properly if you had barbeque before and don’t let a bit of particle remain inside as it can add a bad taste to your new meal.

  1. Let the grill hot before starting:

If you make your grill attain a good hot temperature and then put your meat on it, the grill will provide a delicious and juicy flavor to the meat without being burnt. But, don’t let the grill too hot as your meat can suddenly start to get burned without being cooked from inside well.

  1. Preferable temperature:

If you want to have a Perfectly Grilled Steak then we recommend you adjust your grill to the 340-360 degrees Fahrenheit. Close and open the lid accordingly and let your meat gain the most delicious taste.

  1. Eyes on the thermometer:

Always try to keep a meat thermometer within your hands or near the grill to keep your eyes on the temperature attaining inside. If you keep checking the temperature on the meat thermometer then it will save your meat from being over-cooked or burned.

  1. Don’t forget the key ingredients:

To add more flavor to your meat, rub on some seasonings “brown sugar, cinnamon, chili, peppercorns” as per your taste of tongue. But, most especially, don’t forget to add butter and garlic as these two are the key ingredients to make your meat taste fantastic!

  • Rest the steak:

Most of the people forget this step and start cutting and serving meat just after completion of cooking. It is recommendable to let your steak take rest for almost 5 to 10 minutes to let the meat reabsorb all the juice that had come before from it just after cooking. Whenever it is done with the juice reabsorption, cut it, serve it and enjoy it with your companions.

Final verdict:

As you might have understood there is nothing hard in Perfectly Grilled Steak but, you just need to take care of some tips mentioned above to prevent your meat from getting bad flavors, less-cooked or over-cooked. So, read the tips carefully before going to start a barbeque party to provide your partners with the best, juicy, tasteful meal.

Follow tips, cook great, and make the BBQ party a memorable one for yourself and your friends!


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