Best Smoker Thermometer 2021 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Last updated on January 18th, 2021 at 09:36 am

If you are a diehard fan of grilling, you will love this review of the best smoker thermometer! The world is advancing, and so are smokers, grills and barbecue. Imagine, you leave some ham cooking away in your smoker, but you come back to find it all black and burnt.

List Of Best Smoker Thermometer 2021

You never want that, right? The best smoker thermometer allows you to continuously monitor the temperature of any meat. The best part is, these all are wireless, you can monitor the values sitting on the sofa through either your phone, or a receiver.

1ThermoPro TP20Three Year Warranty
Two probes

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2Weber iGrillBluetooth Pairable.
Four probes capacity.

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3Maverick Wireless BBQ ET-733 2 Probes.
 300 feet range.

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4ThermoPro TP-16 LED display.

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5Inkbird IBT-4X  Four probes.
  LED display.

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So today, I have chosen the best smoker thermometer for you. I have written a complete review on all the features they have, and all the drawbacks in them. I have included a buying guide at the end as well, so you don’t end up buying a one which doesn’t fit your requirements. Also, read guide and information about best smoker themometer on Wikipedia.

ThermoPro TP20Probes

The probes coming with this one have a sharp end; they also have a decent size. They will penetrate through any type of meat without difficulty. Stainless steel has been used for their build. You can leave them in your meat for long periods of time without hesitating. There are a total of 2 of these, resisting temperature up to 716F. You can measure the temperature of two different meats at one time using them.

Receiver and Transmitter

The transmitter has an LED display which can be turned on/off. You have the option to change between the units, Celsius and Fahrenheit as well. There are two sections on the receiver, which display the readings of both the probes. You can set a temperature value, so when it has been reached, the receiver beeps to let you know.

Bluetooth Range

In terms of synchronizing the receiver and transmitter, you don’t have to manually do it. If you are within 300m of range, these two will work perfectly without the need of any setup or so. It doesn’t matter in which corner of your house you are in, you’ll get all the information you need on the receiver.

Preset temperature

There are preset values for 9 kinds of meat. If you want to set your own temperature, you can do that as well. The built-in options include barbecue, fish, lamb, veal, chicken, pork, ground beef, and ground poultry. If you have less or no experience in grilling, these options will come handy.

Temperature Range

Temperature range is one of the crucial factors in thermometers. A range between 32F-572F is provided by this thermometer. In terms of accuracy, I found this precise and dependable. At the most, you will see insufficient fluctuations of 1F above or below. For hanging

Battery and Warranty Period

Four AAA batteries power up this device. A useful feature in this thermometer is the auto-shutoff feature. After 30 minutes of being idle, it automatically shuts off to save battery juice.

A one-year warranty has been provided to ensure you have peace of mind. However, you get an extended 3 year one upon registering online. So in terms of reliability, you will not get disappointed using this thermometer.


  Three Year Warranty.
  Two probes.


  Bluetooth not built-in.

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Weber iGrillAccuracy

Starting with the accuracy, this popular thermometer is quick when it comes to measuring temperature. It measures and shows you the reading in just 3 seconds. I believe it is pretty accurate. You will not have temperature fluctuations around more than 1F. Most of the people who have bought this thermometer are satisfied with the precision.

Weber App

You have the Weber app which you can download on your phones. The app provides a range of options so you can control the device however you want. Preset temperatures have been included in this interface, thankfully. You have temperatures for different types of meats in this application.


The four probe capacity comes useful if you want to add in more probes for a wider range of cooking. However, you get 2 probes with this thermometer upon buying it. As for quality, these probes are high heat resistant; I did not found them inferior in quality.


To be frank, the device is simple to use, even a non-techy person can operate it effortlessly. Buttons one the device provides you the option of setting the desired range. When the desired range is reached, the device starts beeping to let you know.  Another useful option is you can set the LED to switch between values of both probes at intervals. Magnetic mounting allows you to conveniently hang this device on your grill.


This device is powered by two AAA batteries, having around 200 hours of battery juice. An auto-shutoff feature ensures the battery doesn’t run out of juice unexpectedly. If you do not pair it after insertion, it powers off after 8 hours. Moreover, if you don’t insert nor pair it, it shuts down within 5 minutes.


  Bluetooth Pair able.
  Four probes capacity.
  Long lasting battery.
  Temperature range wide.


  Bluetooth range not large.

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Maverick Wireless BBQ ET-733Temperature Units and Probes

Two stainless steel probes come with this device. You’ll get two grill clips with the probes as well. They are pointy and straight, penetrating any meat you insert them into.

You can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit, however you want the reading to display.


It’s not fast as some other devices out there, but it gives a reading in a minute at maximum. Customers who have used this device are satisfied with its precision. If you ask me, it does not fluctuate more than 3F.

Wireless Transmitter

The transmitter is the tinier one out of the two devices. The screen displays the value of both probes in a cycle. There is an off/on button the front. If you long press it, the temperature unit is switched. A resync button is available too if you un-pair both the devices.


This bigger display has been separated into three sections. At the top, you have meat type, preset values, and battery level. Coming to the middle, you see the current and set temperature for one probe. While the bottom sections shows the current and set temperature for the other probe.

A button controls the backlight, so if you are in the dark, you can grill with ease. If you want to hang the receiver, a little space for a screw has also been provided.


  2 Probes.
  300 feet range.


  Bluetooth not available.
  Lacks Auto-Shutoff feature.

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ThermoPro TP-16Probes

Starting off with the probes measurements, it is 6.5 Inches in Length. Stay wary of touching the probes while its hot, you can badly injure yourself. The stainless steel cable which comes with it is 40 Inch. You can insert the probe from a distance keeping in mind the long length.  Thankfully, the wire and probe is heat resistant, sustaining temperature up to 716F.


You have a timer located right at the back. It can be utilized up to 24 hours. Talking about the build quality, it’s made up using plastic, which is satisfactory if you ask me. This timer works flawlessly with the alarm feature as well.

Accuracy and Temperature Range

In terms of accuracy, the device has not disappointed me. At the most, you will see fluctuations up to 2F, which is acceptable. Many devices have huge fluctuations, but this device will not let you down.

The temperature range is wide, falling between 14-572F. For most types of meat, you can measure the temperature without worrying.


The display shows you temperature measured by the probe and the timer as well. You do not have to repeatedly press button to check both readings. However, if you want to adjust a setting, buttons have been placed to give you the customization you pay for.

You can conveniently store the device almost anywhere. The rear of this device is made up of magnet. You can attach this to any surface, or perhaps hang it somewhere in your kitchen.

Preset Temperature

The built-in presets allow you to start grilling with a press of a button. Especially for starters, these presets will come valuable. There are values for 7 types of meats, with doneness levels as well. Moreover, you also have the option to set your own temperature in case you have prior experience in grilling.


  3 year warranty.
  Forty Inch heat resistant cable.
  LED display.
  Magnetic back for hanging.


  Only one probe.
  Body is plastic.

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Inkbird IBT-4XBluetooth Range

Talking about the range, it measures around 150M to be precise. Personally, I find this a little less, but it still does its job well. You can connect this with your phone so you don’t have to carry the receiver around all the time.

There is also a feature of alarm. You can set the alarm, when the temperature reaches your set value, the phone will notify. You can sit in your lounge watching TV thanks to the wireless capability.

BBQ Go App

Install this app on your phone if you want to fully control the device. After you insert the probe into the meat, you can control this device through this app. The app has been separated into different sections. You have the option to set names for probes. You can choose the temperature from preset values or set is manually as well. This interface also allows changing of from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa. Language is changeable too, and you can turn vibration on/off.

Temperature Range

The range pretty much falls between the ranges of other thermometers. The device measures temperatures between 32F-572F. You can use it other than for grilling, like baking and brewing. The accuracy is good as well. Variations only measure 2F up/down at most.

Display and Battery

The display is LED. It can be rotated as well, just like mobile screens. The thing I really loved is the rechargeable battery. Most thermometers don’t have rechargeable ones. It is a 1000mAh one, charged with a USB cable.


  Bluetooth connectivity.
  Battery is chargeable.
  Four probes.
  LED display.


  Charger not included with USB cable.

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Thermometer Type: Thermometers are of two types. There are wireless ones, and then some are instant ones. However, the most popular and widely used ones are wireless. For the instant ones, you simply put and pluck them out of the meat, and they give a reading. On the other hand, you place wireless ones in the meat throughout the grilling session, and they constantly update and show you the temperature on your phone or receiver.

Range of Temperature: Whenever searching for a good thermometer, make sure to ensure their range fulfills your requirements. Mostly, they come in ranges between 32F-512F. A few have the ability to read temperatures below freezing point as well. It depends on how cold an area you live in. If the temperature falls below freezing time where you live, buy the ones which measure below normal temperatures.

Probes: Probes are the most significant parts any thermometer. They allow you to monitor the temperature of your food while it sizzles away. Always buy the one which has a sharp tip to penetrate any meat, and is built of stainless steel. Thermometers have probes ranging from 1-4. I suggest you to buy the one which has at least 2 probes, so you can measure temperature of different meats at a time. You don’t want to waste your time by pushing one probe into different meats.

Range of Remote: You don’t want to stand the whole day in front of your thermometer, right! Ensure that the device you are buying has a remote range of at least 300M. Wherever you are in your house, you will be able to operate the device comfortably. You will have to face disconnections if you end buying one with a shorter range.

After reading through the whole detailed review of the best smoker thermometer, you must have gotten a clear idea of what to buy and how. The market is full of cheap thermometers, but I have chosen ones that provide quality as well as being budget friendly. You can choose the one which fits your needs.

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