Best Offset Smokers 2021 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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Smoking is an art that requires three things, patience, skills, and the most important of all, the best offset smokers 2021 you can find out there! If you have these three things, then you could have a most memorable, pleasant, and scrumptious barbecue filled with meat, laughter, and happy memories!

If you’ve spent some time scouring the internet, then you must have noticed that there are countless smokers available out there, but the question is, do all of them provide the quality and usability you’re looking for?

If you want a clear idea of some of the best offset smokers 2021, then you’ve just stopped at the perfect place. I’ve spent countless hours exploring the internet, examining hundreds of reviews on many of the top sites including Amazon, to finally reach a conclusion on some of the best offset smokers 2021 reviews available out there.

I have listed each and everything you would need to know below, including the pros and cons of each smoker, its characteristics, and information so you could easily choose the best offset vertical smoker grill keeping in mind your budget and the capabilities you’re looking for in the smoker! Also, see the guide for Best Offset Smoker Grill on eBay.

List of the Best Offset Smokers 2021

To make your challenging task easier for you, we’ve brought ten top rated Best offset smokers 2021 and you need to select an ideal one from them that suits your needs and demands. Scroll down and see our top selections from a large variety of Best offset smokers 2021 in the market and get yours!

1Dyna Glo Signature SeriesBluetooth
Air Damper

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2Oklahoma Joes HighlandLED Display
Glass Window

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3Dyna Glo VerticalSide Handles
Compact Sized

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4Char-Griller Smokin Pro Easy Transport
Front Glass

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5Oklahoma Joes Longhorn Large Capacity
Easy to Use

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1: Dyna Glo Signature Series
Vertical Offset Smoker

Best Offset SmokersVertical Design

Dyna Glo’s Signature series has surprisingly proven to be one of the popular best offset smokers 2021 due to a low-price tag. This best offset smoker is a lifesaver for those people who have got limited space but want to cook plenty of meat. Due to its minimalistic design, it can be used anywhere, especially in a place that is low on space. You can easily fit this smoker anywhere, whether it is a corner in your backyard or on the small balcony of your house.

A good usability

Dyna Glo signature series uses charcoal and wood as fuel, giving you a choice of running it on either of these. Also, this smoker will make your meat taste natural and allow it to become soft and juicy to the bottom. Another useful feature it comes with hooks. You will be able to hang your meat from these hooks, which will allow you to efficiently smoke your food, without any distractions and hassles. All these things will make your work a lot easier, making you enjoy barbecuing the most!

An above-average build

Coming to the build, this particular model is crafted from heavy-duty steel. Now I know that this material is not the best one out there, but considering the price tag, it will not fail to perform its duties efficiently, as the build is very sturdy, allowing it to easily withstand the fiery hot temperature penetrating it from all sides!

A smoker with a bigger capacity

Now comes the most important factor, the capacity! If this is all you are looking for, you will not get disappointed, as the Dyna Glo’s signature series has an ample amount of space, allowing you to cook your heart out! You get 5 removable racks which are a lot and talking about the space, you get a gigantic 1098 square inches of area allowing you to cook a decent amount of meat at a time.

A smoker you can easily maneuver

Considering the weight, it weighs relatively less, around 125 pounds. It has large wheels positioned right towards the center of the smoker, removing the trouble of moving the smoker around and it toppling over. You will also get a standard one-year warranty with all Dyna-Glo products including this particular smoker!


  Provides value for money.
  Has an ample amount of space.
  Has a minimalistic design.
  Has a sturdy build.
  Provides good heat distribution.
  Has a fuel-saving design.
  Comes with hooks for hanging.
  Is easily movable.


 The smoke leaks around the doors.
 There will be some heat loss due to the economical build.

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Best Offset SmokersOklahoma Joe smokers products are unbeatable when it comes to the backyard. This amazing smoker has made itself a special place in our list of the best offset smoker under 500. Unfortunately, the market is full of cheaply built offset smokers who fool people with their glorious looks and shiny surfaces. But there’s no need to get disappointed, as this smoker will not fail to impress you. You can get the Oklahoma Joes Highland Reverse flow offset smoker for around $500, making it a budget-friendly and dependable product!

A sturdily built smoker

Taking a look at the build, this offset smoker has a surprisingly strong build. It is made up of heavy-duty steel which is able to withstand high temperatures, unlike the many best cheap smoker out there which become unusable after just a little usage.

The usable space

Moreover, if you are concerned about the usable space, this smoker comes with 619 square inches of area, which is more than enough for an average person to utilize. If you are attracted to more space, then do not hesitate to take a look at Highlands big brother, the Oklahoma Joes Longhorn reverse flow, which is specifically made taking the usable space into consideration.

A smoker with more than just the essentials

The Oklahoma Joes Highland has all the standard accessories and options which are essential in a smoker. It comes with a removable shelf which will help you making cleaning up and putting things in place much easier!

The handles included with this smoker are heat resistant, which means you will not have to worry about burning your hands whenever you want to move the smoker around, or taking care if a little child is near so he doesn’t accidentally touch the handles, injuring himself badly!

Like all other smokers, this best offset smoker also comes with a built-in thermometer and sturdy wheels. You would not have to worry about accidentally ruining the meat, as just a glance at the temperature gauge would tell you how hot the meat is. The well-built wheels would make moving the smoker much easier without worrying about it toppling over or the wheels breaking.


  Decent amount of space for home use.
  Heavy steel built to avoid rusting.
  Strong wheels for easy moving.
  Heat resistant handles.
  Easy to clean design.
  Removable shelf for utilization.
  Able to withstand high temperatures.


  Leakage of smoke which can be reduced with some minor mods.
  Heat distribution is not exactly the best.

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3: Dyna Glo Vertical  
Best Offset Smoker

Best Offset Smokers 2021A price tag you cannot ignore

If you’re looking for a smoker with value for money, or if your budget is constricted, then do not hesitate to buy a Dyna Glo smoker. Due to its price tag and usefulness, it has proven to be a very popular smoker, making it come right into our list of the best offset smokers!

If you are a beginner or prefer light smoking, then this would be the best choice for you. It has all the basic features a good smoker should have at a minimal price so you can cook meat without any limits!

A powder-coated steel unit and a good build

Let’s talk about the build for a moment! Considering the price range this falls into, the build is quite decent! It also weighs very less.

The steel unit is powder-coated so the smoker is able to withstand high temperatures. Many of the smoker currently being made do not provide powder coating, which exposes them to intense heat, which in turn makes the steel wither away, thus making the smoker useless just after a one-time usage.

Adjustable Chimney Damper

The chimney damper is adjustable, which proves to be extremely useful when it comes to controlling the temperature. It also comes with a handy charcoal basket which helps in gripping the charcoal together to increase heat transfer. By increasing heat transfer, your smoking speed would by immensely increased, which will save you time and fuel.

Bigger cooking space and removable racks

Moreover, you’ll have a space bigger than many of the smokers out there, as this model gives a total of 1176 square meters of space. With this amount of space, you can easily cook for more than a few people at once, thus saving your precious time and removing the troubles people usually face with smokers with lesser space.

The racks are detachable. You can easily remove a rack if want to cook something bigger in size, perhaps a big turkey or something taller in size, thus removing your worries about if you would be able to cook the meat of a variety of species or would be limited to the smaller ones, like the chicken!


  Provides good value for money.
  Large capacity.
  The charcoal basket which increases heat transfer.
  Easily washable due to detachable parts.
  Adjustable chimney damper to control the temperature.
  Adjustable cooking racks.


  The smoke leaks around some bolts and corners.
  The thin sheet of steel cannot trap heat well in cold climates.
  Paint is prone to peeling if the temperature gets too high.

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4: Char-Griller Smokin Pro
Best Offset Smoker

Char-Griller Smokin ProBarrel style grills are perhaps the most widely used today! If you take a look at the past, even then people preferred barrel-shaped grills over anything else. Also, the unmatchable roundness of this unit has a very attractive look, pulling more people towards buying it than ever. Now if you’re a pro, then this smoker might not be for you, but if you’ve just started smoking, or are aiming for casual barbecue parties in your backyard, then this might be a reliable choice for you.

Powder coating and durable construction!

Coming straight towards the important factors, let’s take a look at the build for a moment! Thick Grade and durable steel are used in its construction, topped with a heat resistant black powder coating to further improve its life and toughness. The construction isn’t exactly great, it could’ve been improved a bit, but still, with some minor modifications, you can easily take this smoker to another level!

A hoard of options minus the thermometer!

Examining the usability of the Char-Griller Smokin Pro, it weighs a total of 146 pounds, which isn’t light at all. It comes with a storage shelf located below the smoker to hold charcoal bags. Observing the thermometers, I have come to the conclusion that the thermometer present in it is disappointedly inaccurate, so you would have to replace the present one with a better aftermarket one.

On the inside, there are cast iron grill grates covered with a non-stick layer. You can also adjust the height to your preferred level by using the three manual adjustments. To make its usability easier, there is a pull-out charcoal drawer embedded, making it possible to keep your things in reach and order.

All the cooking space you’ll ever need!

About the cooking space, you’ll get 580 square inches of cooking are and another 250 for grilling in the firebox. You could easily cook multiple foods at once in this size, perhaps make a burger on the grill while simultaneously cooking a chicken in the primary chamber.

Closing it down, you get a whopping 5-year warranty for the body and lid, while for the other parts like the charcoal drawer and grill, you get a 1-year assurance!

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  Sturdy Construction.
  Can be used as a grill and a smoker both.
  Huge warranty period.
  Three-point adjustable height.
  Charcoal drawer is present.


  Heavy in weight.
  Height is difficult to adjust while grilling.
  The hinges of the lid aren’t waterproof.
  Built-in the thermometer is of mediocre quality.

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5: Oklahoma Joes Longhorn  
Best Offset Smoker

Oklahoma Joes LonghornAnother qualitative offset smoker you might want to consider is the all-time popular Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Offset smoker! Generally, you cannot find something of a decent quality like this smoker in the market.

An impressive build!

The construction is above average, with the thick grade steel and quality bolts and nuts used in it. To further increase the durability, the steel is powder-coated to make it rust and damage-free. Coming to the wheels, these wheels are made up of heavy-duty cast iron, making them almost undestroyable, as wheels are the only component that has to bear the weight of everything you put on the smoker. Even if you’re using your pulling this smoker across uneven ground, you would not have to be careful of the wheels getting damaged

On the other hand, there is one common problem people have faced with this smoker. The connection between the offset smoker for sale box and the grill is not strong, but applying hot glue or silicone to the fasteners will serve as a quick fix to this issue.

A little insight into the features and the usability

Because of being rich in features, this smoker has made it into our list of the best offset smoker under 1000 out there. This smoker has an easy access door with a built-in butterfly damper which makes cleaning up much easier. Talking about dampers, there are multiple dampers across the grill, allowing you to control the temperature and airflow better than ever before!

The heavy-duty grill grates are fortunately topped with a layer of grill grade porcelain, thankfully making them kind of non-sticky and easy to clean after cooking! The easy access door will aid you in cleaning up coal after a smoking session.

If your concerned about the thermometer’s accuracy, rest assured that it gives a very accurate and to the point reading, which many of the thermometers in other smokers do not provide.  The only thing you would have to be careful about is, you should give a good scrub to the thermometer after a few uses, as it becomes sooty, giving lower readings!

A size you’ll rarely ever find

This popular smoker provides you with a huge 1060 square inches of space, which you would rarely ever see in its competitors. In this space, you can make huge hamburgers for a whole family, or perhaps friends get together.

Concluding, with the Longhorn, you get a two-year warranty, allowing you to leave all your worries behind.


  A size you will rarely find anywhere else.
  Durable build.
  Multiple Dampers.
  Easy to reach the door.
  Accurate thermometer.
  Cool-touch handles.
  Iron made wheels.


  Limited warranty period.
  Ash pullout tray is not present.

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