Best Electric Smokers under $300 2021 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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You don’t need to spend $700 or $1000 on electric smokers if you are getting it under $300. So if you are a beginner and going to begin the experience of smoking, and you are looking for what is the best electric smoker for 300 dollars 2021 than you must make a start in a reasonable budget, not too high, not too low.

Best Electric Smokers under $300 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

These best electric smokers under $300 2021 offer exciting features and digital controls too, so you don’t need to feel tensed or frustrated as smoking becomes easy and exciting with these best electric smoker under 300 dollars 2021.

How electric smokers increase the joys of a BBQ party?

Electric smokers offer great features that add moisture and more flavor to the food and give it a much better taste. Its easy-to-use features offer great feasibility, especially for beginners, so you don’t need to feel exhausted in front of your guests. Make your guests happy by serving a juicy meal prepared by these best affordable electric smokers.

List of Best Electric Smokers Under $300

We’ve carefully selected the five best electric smokers Under $300 2021 that serve the best juicy meal without putting much effort. We just need to follow the desired instructions, put a meal in it, and leave it until its preparation.

1MasterBuilt 20072115 Digital SmokerBluetooth
Air Damper

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2MasterBuilt 3616DEW Smoker BlackLED Display
Glass Window

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3Smoke Hollow 26142e SmokerSide Handles
Compact Sized

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4MasterBuilt MB20073519 Easy Transport
Front Glass

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5MasterBuilt MB20070210 Large Capacity
Easy to Use

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Best Electric Smoker Under $500

1: MasterBuilt 20072115  
Best Digital Electric Smoker

Best Electric Smokers under $300

Best Electric Smokers under $300 Make smoking experience smart and straightforward with MasterBuilt 20072115 Digital Electric Smoker that is offering advanced remote controlling features and other Bluetooth technologies. If you’re a beginner, then it is our top choice for you!

Huge cooking space:

This best budget electric smoker consists of four chrome-coated cooking racks giving a vast space of 721 sq. Inches for cooking. MasterBuilt 20072115 Digital Electric Smoker can cook for a large family in one turn. This 30- inches electric smoker can be an ideal option for those who look to cook for several people and keep them happy with the flavorful meat.

Easy monitoring:

Smoking becomes easy when the smoker is provided with easy monitoring features. With MasterBuilt 20072115 Digital Electric Smoker, you’ll get this facility as it has a glass window and an interior light. One can monitor preparing meat from outside clearly while chilling with friends.

Key Features:
  • 30-inches electric smoker.
  • 721 sq. Inches of cooking space.
  • Four chrome-plated cooking racks.
  • The 800-watt heating element can reach a temperature up to 275 degrees.
  • Bluetooth technology- to control the smoker with the media device.
  • Digital panel controls, temperature, light, and time.
  • Remote controlling feature.
  • Air damper.
  • Glass window-for easy monitoring of food.

Bluetooth Technology.
Digital Control Panel.
Easy To Monitor.


Bluetooth connection can not be exceeded too far, so you just need to sit near the smoker.

What’s a relaxing feature?

The relaxing feature of MasterBuilt 20072115 Digital Electric Smoker is its Bluetooth Smart Technology. With this smart technique, you can easily control your smoker through your smartphone.


As compared to other electric smoker brands, MasterBuilt is the most popular brand selling the best affordable electric smokers for many years. It one of the best choices among the best electric smokers under $500 2021. Its digital controls and smart features are making it one of the demandable models in the market nowadays.

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Best Electric Smokers Under $300 2021


2: MasterBuilt 3616DEW  
Best Electric Smokers Under $300 2021


MasterBuilt 3616DEW  Electric Smoker

Master Built 3616DEW Electric SMOKERMasterBuilt 3616DEW Electric SMOKER is a cabinet-sized smoker length 36 inches. With the latest features, this smoker can be the ideal choice of your smoking experience.

Digital controls and other features:

The MasterBuilt 3616DEW Electric SMOKER comes with new and advanced features to make smoking a more exciting activity. It also comes with LED Display cooking temperature and time. Further, a glass window on the front door and a 1500 heating element.

Cooking space:

MasterBuilt 3616DEW Electric Smoker has a cooking space of 3 cubic feet, almost equals to 300 sq. inches. It is provided with four chrome-coated adjustable cooking racks to add more flavor to the meat. So smoking for small gatherings can be made easy if you start to smoke with this best cheap electric smoker.

Key Features:


  • 36 inches cabinet-sized smoker.
  • Three cubic feet (almost 300 sq. inches) of cooking capacity.
  • 1500 watt heating element
  • LED Display controls.
  • Weighs 54 pounds.
  • Four chrome-coated cooking grids.
  • Wood chip loading tray.
  • Glass window- for easy eye-keeping to the food.

Quick Assembling.
Digital LED Display.
Budget Friendly.


Small Cooking Space.
Large Sized.

What’s the shortfall?

The shortfall of this cheap electric smoker is its small cooking capacity that is only 300 sq. inches. So one can cook only for few people with MasterBuilt 3616DEW Electric Smoker.


Whenever you decide to buy electric smokers, the most trusted brand is the “MasterBuilt” that is leading nowadays. To smoke with these best smokers is undoubtedly an incredible experience. All smokers offer great features and make smoking easy, engaging, and exciting, especially for the newbies!

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3: Smoke Hollow 26142E 
Best Electric Smokers Under $300 2021

Smoke Hollow 26142E Electric Smoker

Smoke Hollow 30162E Electric SmokerIf you’re looking for a smart and efficient electric smoker, then Smoke Hollow 26142e Electric Smoker is the one that is undoubtedly going to suit you perfectly. A good-looking black smoker in your backyard will seek everyone’s attention. So choose after looking at its features.

Cooking space:

This small 26 inches electric smoker has two chrome-coated cooking grids that are so adjustable so you can easily adjust the position of your vegetables, meat, chicken, or others in the smoker. It offers cooking space of about 1.3 cubic feet as not so small, not so large.


One of the most lightweight electric smokers on my list weighs only 35 pounds. No need to take the stress of its transportation process. Not so heavy, one can easily take this from one place to another. Aside from that, it also has the side handles carrying is easy with this Smoke Hollow gri Electric Smoker.

Key Features:
  • Twenty-six inches small-sized electric smoker.
  • Two adjustable chrome-coated cooking grids.
  • 1.3 cubic feet of cooking space.
  • Full range heat indicator.
  • Two side handles for easy transportation.
  • Door-latching system.
  • Water pan of porcelain to add moisture.
  • Porcelain-coated chip tray.
  • 1500 Watt heating element.

Heat Indicator.
Durable Construction.
Door Latching System.


Small Cooking Space.
Lack of Digital Controls.


What are the drawbacks?

Lacking the glass window and small cooking capacity can be counted in its drawbacks. But it is not pricey, so start smoking for the beginners with the Smoke Hollow 26142e Electric Smoker is one of the great choices!


With outstanding quality and performance, this electric smoker is available for you at a low price. Further, its small size, less weight, and easy handling features make it easy to store as well as easy to transport. So, it can be added to your best cheap electric smokers’ list.

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4: MasterBuilt MB20073519
Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker

Best Electric Smokers under $300

Best Electric Smokers under $300 It is another ideal choice for the BBQ party built by MasterBuilt, a well-known brand. It gives perfect results of the foods with the easy-monitoring and easy-cooking features. If you are looking for the best electric smokers under $500, then MasterBuilt MB20073519 Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker must be kept at the upper position in the choice options.

Cooking capacity:

Bigger inside more than looks from outside! With four chrome-coated cooking grids, MasterBuilt MB20073519 Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker allows you to smoke two turkeys, four-port butts, six chickens, and racks of ribs in one turn. Large enough for a great family!

Bluetooth technology:

With this Smart Bluetooth Technology, one can easily on/off your smoker, control its temperature, lightning, and timer by just using your smartphone. But must make sure that they are not too far from your smoker. Otherwise, connections can be shown as poor or unavailable.

Easy wood loading:

The MasterBuilt MB20073519 Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker has a patented side wood chip loading tray. So wood chips can be added in the smoker easily without opening the smoker’s door. So, don’t lose heat and add wood chips effortlessly.

Key Features:
  • Four cooking grids for large cooking space.
  • Bluetooth Smart Technique for easy controlling of the smoker.
  • Built-in meat probe thermometer.
  • Wood chip loading tray in easy side access.
  • Thermostat for easy temperature control.



Bluetooth Compatibility.
Wheels For Easy Transport.
Front Glass Window.


A Bit Large.
Heavy Weighted.

What is the smart feature?

It’s Bluetooth Smart Technology makes this smoker more lovable than other electric smokers in the market. At a distance from a smoker, controls are in your hand!


No more stress, no more research after seeing this advanced featured MasterBuilt MB20073519 Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker. It also comes in best smokers under 300.  It fulfills all the requirements of easy temperature monitoring and easy smoker controlling features. So what are you waiting for now? Go and order!

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5: MasterBuilt MB20070210 MES 35B
Best  Electric Smoker Under $300

Master Built MB20070210 Electric Smoker

Master Built MB20070210 MES 35B Electric SmokerA smoker with no digital controls like Bluetooth Technology but gives the best results of the food. So, if you’re looking for an electric smoker that prepares a flavorful meal for you, then you can get this one. Go and have a look at its features.

Cooking area:

With three chrome-coated cooking grids, this MasterBuilt MB20070210 MES 35B Electric Smoker offers 548 sq. Inches of cooking space. It is an ample space enough to serve five to six people greatly.


The 1500-watt powerful heating element is built-in to reach the temperatures from 100 degrees F to 400 degrees F. so cook any kind of food without taking the stress of the temperatures. It is fulfilling all these demands.

Key Features:
  • 30-inches attractive-looking electric smoker.
  • Three cooking racks.
  • 548 sq. Inches of cooking space.
  • 1500-watt heating element.
  • Side-wood chip loading access and for easy ash removing.
  • Temperature gauge built-in.
  • Temperature ranges from 100 to 400 degrees F.

1500-watt heating element.
Easy to assemble.
Large cooking capacity.


Bulky smoker.
Lack of glass window.


Why don’t we recommend this smoker so much?

Because it has only one door opening, so if you are going to add wood chips, you just need to open the door, so the heat escapes out of it. Lacking a glass window and Bluetooth compatibility is another drawback.


Another model from MasterBuilt, this electric smoker, is counted in one of the most durable electric smokers. Easy-to-use features make BBQ easy for beginners, especially. So don’t wait much, decide now!

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What to look for in the Best Electric Smokers under $300- Buying Guide

Best Electric Smokers under $300- Buying Guide

When going to buy an electric smoker, you must look at some factors and choose according to them. If an electric smoker satisfies the best qualities according to its price tag, then you should go for it. Otherwise, you need to continue your research work!

Have a look at your buying guide that is made for your help:

Cooking capacity:

The most considerable part while going to purchase an electric smoker is to perceive how much cooking space it gives. If you have huge friends circle and prefer large gatherings, at that point, you should purchase a smoker that offers at least 500 to 700 sq. Inches of cooking space or more than this. It can undoubtedly serve 6 to 10 people. So relying upon your necessities, select the ideal one for you!

Bluetooth Feature:

If you want to relax with your friends or family and don’t want to take the stress of the food preparing inside, then you must go for that model that offers Bluetooth Smart Technology. You can easily control all features of the smoker through your smartphone. Choice of yours!

Weight and Portability:

If you love traveling and prefer picnics and outdoors, you ought to lean towards that type of electric smoker that can be handily conveyed or moved at any place effortlessly. For this reason, an electric smoker ought to be lightweight, which means less than 50 lbs. And have wheels or handles so one can easily take it without taking too much burden on himself.


When going to start researching in the market, we keep our budget in mind; then, we must buy within our limit. Indeed, you must go for that electric smoker that suits your necessities and fit in your financial budget. Many models are offering great features but with high price tags. But we have gathered those best electric smokers that are not so pricey and can be brought in between 300 or 500 dollars. Go for the best brand that can give you relaxation till the rest!

Best Electric Smokers under $300 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Which electric smoker is best for the money?

ANS: All the smokers in my list offer great features, but the most recommendable model is MasterBuilt MB20070210 MES 35B Electric Smoker because it gives ample cooking space as compared to other smokers of the same price. You can also go for MasterBuilt MB20073519 Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker as it offers advanced Bluetooth features and digital controls. This is the best electric smoker under 400.

Q: Are electric smokers better than gas smokers?

ANS: Somehow, we can say yes and somehow not. Electric smokers are easier to use as compared to gas smokers. But on the other side, gas smokers give more smoky flavor to the food as compared to electric smokers. So, both are considered as the ideal options.

Q: Which features worth the most?

ANS: Large cooking capacity, glass window, easy temperature controlling and glass window are the features that are most considerable in the market as it makes smokers easy-to-use.

Final Verdict 

Have you looked at all the options? Have you selected an ideal smoker? If yes, it is good to listen to us. But if not, then not to worry at all. Let your research work continue and select the best affordable electric smoker and start smoking as soon as possible. If you’re facing any difficulty, then you can take help from our buying guide.

We’ve tried to explain all the features, pros, and cons of all models, and I hope they all will be proved to be beneficial for you. If one of these smokers has clicked on your mind and fulfilling all your demands then you don’t need to go for the best electric smoker under $1000 or the best electric smoker under$1500. So, not to stress more. Go and order an ideal option for your smoking experience!

Get happiness with an exciting smoking experience!



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